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Search Tips
bullet Don't include the words "electric" or "mandolin" in your search, unless you want to spend all day looking at results. There's nothing on this site but electric mandolins.
bullet If your search returns no results, try using fewer terms, and make sure your spelling is correct.
bullet A word about search engines: Contrary to popular belief, the search engine doesn't search the entire site; it searches an index of the site that is updated once a week. This is analogous to searching a card catalog (remember those?) instead of walking around the entire library looking for a book.
     Trouble is, I've discovered that the indexing/updating process is far from foolproof—in other words, every week I get an entirely new card catalog, and there's no guarantee that it will be complete. So it's entirely possible that you could find something today using the search engine, then come back a week later and not find it. That doesn't mean it's not here. I have worked very hard to keep this site's tab/menu navigation system up to date, and it, not the search engine, is the most reliable way to find things.
bullet Are you searching for something or someone you know about, just to see if I have it? Well, if I don't, kindly about it.