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Acoustic (piezo and transducer) pickups
So you've already got a mandolin and you want to go electric without getting a new one. You've been through this entire site and haven't found the e-mando of your dreams. You'd rather slap some wires on your trusty acoustic than support one of the many fine manufacturers I've gone to all this trouble to track down.
     I guess I might as well admit failure and slit my wrists—but before I do, I've chosen to offer you what you're looking for: information on all the pickup makers I know about. Shop to your heart's content.

Magnetic pickups
With the exception of Steve Ryder, these makers supply mandolin pickups on a custom basis only. However, many pickups made for guitar—including the single-coil and blade designs here listed—can be used for mandolins because they have a one-piece magnetic element as opposed to individually wound poles. This eliminates the problem of matching the pole positions with the string spacing.