Heritage H-140 electric tenor guitar. $2,750.
Incredible Les Paul–style electric tenor guitar from 1984, built by Heritage Guitar Co. of Kalamazoo, Michigan. (Heritage, if you didn't know, is the company that took over the old Gibson factory on Parsons Street in Kalamazoo when Gibson moved to Nashville.) Reportedly this is the only instrument of its kind that Heritage made.  Single-cutaway body with twin pickups and controls in all the right places. Block mother-of-pearl inlays, 23-inch scale length, and an honest-to-goodness real Bigsby tremolo bar. 
     It's pretty to look at, but also has tone and playability to match its looks. Gibson did make a handful of tenor Les Pauls in the 1950s, but they're more expensive than this, have no tremolo bar, and generally come in "TV yellow," which, um, wouldn't be my first choice. This is the next best thing ... maybe even a better thing. 
     Rectangular hardshell case included. Can be set up for standard (CGDA), octave mandolin (GDAE), or Chicago (DGBE) tuning.
     See more photos, or for more information. $2,750 plus shipping.