Martin Stillion
 You can find me in Seattle. I'm a journalist/editor/performer/composer who tries to stay busy with fiddle and mandolin gigs. I've played a Collyard solidbody 8-string mando and/or my Thormahlen acoustic/electric octave mando (top right) with the bands Wind River, Cabin Fever, and Shaky Situation. I sold the Collyard and picked up an 8-string Yanuziello, with which I recorded the music I wrote for a stage adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories—possibly the first children's musical ever recorded on electric mandolin. My other e-mandos at the moment are a vintage National Silvo (below, left and center) and a Roger Bacorn 5-string (below right) with a custom mammoth-ivory bridge by Kurt Gisclair of Husky Acoustics.
      I have a CD available, which, ironically, has no electric instruments on it at all. It's a collection of Celtic tunes called Notorious. Currently I play fiddle, mandolin, and tenor guitar with The Priest and the Publicans and the Coolerheads, as well as at Bethany Presbyterian Church. I also play mandocello with the Seattle Mandolin Orchestra and viola with Thalia Symphony. I've also toured a bit on fiddle with the Ric Blair Band. Drop me an about anything on this site.