Cliff and Henry Maddox
The Maddox Bros. and Rose were a true Dust Bowl success story—their family emigrated with their parents from Boas, Alabama, to California during the Depression in search of work, and found it when they combined their musical talents. Their mix of hillbilly, Western swing and jump blues took the San Joaquin Valley by storm, creating one of the first rockabilly bands. Cliff Maddox, whom I believe to be the tall skinny feller in all but the first two group shots below, was the group's first mandolin player, but died in 1949. He was succeeded on mandolin by his brother Henry, who appears at left and in the first two group photos, as far as I can tell. Looks like the weapon of choice was usually a Gibson EM150, although the instrument held by a seated Cliff in one of the group photos looks more like an electrified Strad-O-Lin.