Michael Kang
Kang plays mandolin and fiddle with The String Cheese Incident, a Boulder, Colorado–based newgrass/jazz/Latin band. He has a standard acoustic mandolin by Stephen Gilchrist and has owned a variety of 5-string electrics:
bullet A standard-size Taproot built by Bend, Oregon luthier Peter Heithoff.
bullet A standard-size by Billings, Montana luthier Ted Beringer.
bullet A standard and an octave mandolin by Boulder, Colorado luthier Ron Oates.
bullet A baritone mandolin, also by Oates. (This is the one Kang is playing in the above photo. It's an intermediate-scale instrument—"five steps down" from a standard mandolin, according to Oates. This would probably put the tuning at FCGDA or GDAEB.)

In a profile of Kang for Strings magazine, Darol Anger reported that Michael had used one or more instruments built by a fellow named Sean Eaton. It wasn't clear from the article which instrument this was; it could well be one he no longer plays. If you know who built the axe Kang is playing in the photo below, please on the secret.