Carter Gravatt
Multi-instrumentalist for a band called Carbon Leaf, Carter writes: "I'm playing a Gibson F5L with an L. R. Baggs pickup or the Schertler mic through a system by Daedalus (Pendulum preamp, TC electronics Triple-C compressor, BSS EQ, Hafler power amp, Daedalus monitor). I also have a Rigel G110. I'm also using a Trinity College bouzouki on nights when we have more room on stage. My electric is a Ron Oates. It is a 5-string with an extra 5 frets, tuned GDAEB. I play it with a capo at the fifth fret most of the time. It has two Bill Lawrence humbuckers and an acoustic pickup on the bridge. It is also hollow. It runs through a stack of pedals into a Mesa Boogie Mark 4 into a Boogie 2/12."
     You can reach Carter via e-mail.