Andy Gordon
Andy writes: "I am now playing with a band called SkinTrade, which consists of me on mando (of course), djembe, female vocals and bass. We play gigs around London at the moment but are looking to play gigs further afield. I play an Errington solid-bodied mando (shaped like a Gibson Les Paul). I travel light to gigs so I play through a Fender 90 Deluxe DSP (always set on distortion and with a lot of delay). I also use an Alesis Midiverb, using the various delay FX on that. Stylewise, it has elements of Dead Can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Afro Celt as well as U2 and Big Country. Check out the Web site. The samples on the site are not really indicative of the live sound, as it is a lot harder and rockier. In fact, we have re-recorded the 2nd CD, Caoine, as a better indication of what our 'sound' is."