Biff U. Blumfumgagnge
writes: "I am an electric mandolin and violin player. Current musical activities: Violin, viola, bass, guitar, drums, mandolin, manjo, polkalaylee, and sitar guitar—Biff is not your normal mandolin player. Currently with the Reptile Palace Orchestra and the Gomers, Biff also sheds scales with Headpump, Yammer, Bradley Fish, Tuppy the Band, Jambeau, Fuzzy Logic, Willy Porter, Green Lime Dog and more. Along with a published Improvisational Violin Method book, Biff has produced 8 Reptile Palace Orchestra CDs, a Headpump CD, and 6 Gomers releases (as featured on Dr. Demento and the Subgenius Hour of Slack—info at as well as arrangements of 'Man of Constant Sorrow' on
     "Biff is the inventor of musical instruments—like the Therolin, a 5-string electric violin with a theremin hiding inside and the Mando-synth, an electric 5-string mandolin with a synth pickup and a whammy bar (sounds best with 2 or 3 synths running at once along with the Dimarzio hot rail). He enjoys circuit-bending and experimental musical instruments. Biff prefers eastern over western melodies. Sano is the tube amp of choice; he has a half dozen vintage Sanos at the ready.
     "Biff has worked with Adrian Belew, Robyn Hitchcock, John Kruth, Willy Porter, Boiled in Lead, Killbilly, Don Julin, Les Paul, Jimmy Carl Black, Eugene Chadbourne, Steve Miller, Kathy Braaten, Honor Among Thieves, The Kissers, Marques Bovre and the Evil Twins, Siggi Baldursson, Steve Marker, Deep, Joan Wildman, NoahJohn, Clyde Stubblefield, Billy Bragg, Greg Koch, Cliff Frederickson, L.J. Booth, Bradley Fish, Dangerous Odds, Empirical Mirage, Butch Vig, Mike Zirkel, Jive Five minus 2, Al Jewer, Ben Sidran, Mike Kashou, CattleProd, Brian Daly, Avenida Brazil, Bogomil Font, Everplastic, the Hillworms and David Moondog Stocker. Biff is also responsible for Beeftone Music—more info at
     "Biff's equipment: 'Mandosynth' (pictured), a Blue Star 5-string Mandoblaster modified with a Kahler whammy bridge, Sperzel tuners and Korg Z3 synth pickup. Yes, that is a large C-clamp on the headstock—you want sustain, you got it! Another Blue Star 5 with an electric toy sonic gun installed. Also a Fender 5-string (stock) and a Washburn 8-string, modified with an 1/8" input and switch for radios and other noisemakers. My most prized electric mando would be an ultra-rare Mosrite set-neck 4-string, made by Semie Moseley himself—supposedly for a production run that never happened. Looks to be from about '58 or so. It has a remarkable radius on the neck, super bending possible. Thank you, eBay!"