Coydog (Dave Zimmerman)
is a hobby builder who designed this 5-string electric. He writes: "I'm calling it the Tiny Tele. I shrunk down some Tele plans for the body, designed a 13 7/8" scale neck with a string spacing at the nut approximating the feel of playing an 8 string (a little closer than most e-mando's I've played), and cut down a Strat bridge to leave room for 5 saddles. I have a single coil and a humbucker on order from Steve Ryder but in the meantime have installed an EMG Select blade-style bass humbucker which actually sounds pretty good IMO. Will be interesting to compare when the custom pickups come.
     "The string gauges I'm currently using are .11, .14, .26 (wound), .38, .48 from a set of D'Addario light jazz strings. All strings seem to play pretty evenly. The C is actually not as loose as I thought it might be. Feels similar to the G's on my acoustic. Neck is maple from a electric guitar blank from Stew-Mac. Sprayed it with a vinyl sealer, then lacquer. That's it. Just a nice piece of wood."