Weber Maverick
Weber (Sound to Earth)
Innovation is the order of the day from this Montana company. Designed by Vern Brekke, the Weber Maverick features a three-point mahogany body with a carved top and flat back. Standard 14-inch scale with 22 frets on a 1 7/32" radiused fretboard. Available with eight or five strings.
     Tone and volume controls are hidden under the pickguard. The armrest is the tailpiece. The ball ends of the strings are hidden under the armrest. Pickup is a DiMarzio Tone Zone T—a bridge-position, twin-blade, dual-coil humbucker. The dual coils can be switched to series, parallel or singe coil.
     Custom inlays, finishes, and pickups are available. Don't miss my review of the Maverick.