Ken Shalliker
Ken writes: "I like to specialise in one-off instruments that appeal to me. Acoustic guitars are my main item, but I have a fascination with mandolins. I used solid teak for the electric mandolin pictured above, with great success. This sound is so vibrant and powerful, I think that this is the best wood to use for electric mando if you can find it in one piece. The wood is so strong there is no need for a truss rod but I installed one just in case. The fretboard is ebony, along with the head veneer, and both are  inlaid with mother of pearl and abalone. The pickup is a humbucker from Bare Knuckle with tone and volume controls.
     "My days as a musician go back to the sixties when I played in a Liverpool band called Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes, who are still playing today, and as a session member of many of the Merseybeat groups. Frustration with the limitations of standard instruments led me to make my own and try something different. I have studied under luthier Alan Marshall of Northworthy Instruments, whom I regard as one of the best, if not the best luthier in the UK.
     "I will make guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, electric guitars and electric mandolins to my specifications and customise them for you. If pressed, I might consider making a custom model to your specification, but that depends on what it is."
     About the instrument below, Ken writes: “We have called it the IMando, or Iman for short. It’s a short-scale electric mandolin that has been designed to play a different style of music, though it will play anything. It uses conventional mando strings but is tuned EAEA and has a specially designed pickup that gives loads of sustain. It has taken just on two years to produce both the design and the pickup. We will be selling the pickup as a separate item, as it’s superb on conventional e-mandos.
The range of possibilities for new sounds is endless. We have used Ebow, slide, and wah-wah, and it sounds incredible. The Iman is made on a custom basis. For further details, contact me.”
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