photo: Lark Street Music
Tony Revell
Welsh builder Revell's "mini-Ricks" have to be some of the sharpest-looking electric mandolins ever built. Built around 1994, for my money they look better than a real Rickenbacker mandolin. In addition to the magnetic pickup, they have piezo bridges. Bodies are mahogany with birdseye maple tops; controls are volume, treble, bass, and a blending knob to mix signals from the two pickups.
     The green instrument is one of very few e-mandos with a tremolo bar. Last time I checked, it was in the capable hands of Tom Petty sideman Mike Campbell. Violinist Nigel Kennedy reportedly also owns a Revell, although I haven't been able to confirm that yet. Revell is pretty well known as a maker of custom guitars. Here's how to contact him:

Tony Revell
By Newtown, Powys
Mid Wales, UK
Phone (44) 01686 670940