photo: Jim Nikora
Marc Sean Price
(MSP Guitars)
Marc hails from Madison, Wisconsin. This 5-string electric belongs to Jim Nikora, who had this to say about it:
     "Marc is an electric guitar maker of good national repute. His trademark on guitars is beautiful sculptured use of exotic hardwood overlays on the top. The mandolin is Tele-style (I call it my Castrato-Caster) and plain—made from hard ash (weighs as much as a bowling ball) with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with huge frets. It has sealed Gotoh tuners and modified bridge, a pair of Bill Lawrence blade pickups, stacked pots, and a three-way switch. This baby screams or moans—your choice. It's fat or biting, raunchy or mellow and it sustains until next Tuesday. It has the fastest neck I've ever felt. To my knowledge, this is the only one he has made, though he mentioned that he would make another if ordered."
     To reach Marc, call MSP Guitars at 608/278-7115.