Eric Mundt
Here are a couple of mandocellos from Marysville, Wash., builder The 8-string one on the left is an acoustic/electric with a Fishman transducer in the bridge and a two-channel preamp that adjusts treble and bass. About the one on the right, Eric writes: "By adding an upper course, I was able to tune it CGDAE, and it really added to the instrument's versatility. It was, as you can see, set up with two humbuckers, Carvin ones in this case, because the extra pole pieces on their pickups allow for any string spacing. It also had a Fishman Matrix transducer in the bridge, with a preamp to buffer and blend the signals. Stereo out, to send the acoustic and electric outputs to separate amps. Ash body, flamed mahogany neck, and my influences were, yes, Steve Klein, but also early Ken Parker stuff, and of course, the Ovation Breadwinner, one of my all time faves."
     You can see more of Eric's work at Photobucket.