Based in Titusville, Florida, GoldTone, a seller of imported instruments, introduced the 4-string solidbody mandolin on the left in January 2010. Other electric GoldTone mandolins have included the odd-looking Korean-built mandolin in the center—which has a solid top and back, truss rod, bone nut, ebony fingerboard, a bridge transducer, and tone and volume controls—as well as the GoldTone GM-110, on the right. Its resemblance to a Rigel is more than superficial—Rigel designed it and licensed that design to GoldTone. It's all solid woods, with a bridge transducer.
     In addition to mandolins, GoldTone imports and sells practically every variety of banjo known to humankind. At some point in the not-too-distant past, its products included—get this—an electric banjo mandolin, pictured below. (Be the first on your block...)