Godin A8
2000 LaSiDo
Nothing is a stronger indication of the electric mandolin's popularity than the fact that major mass-production builders are starting to offer it. In this case it's Godin, the electric branch of LaSiDo, the Canadian outfit that also produces Seagull and Simon & Patrick acoustics. This is one of the few electric mandolins with an onboard EQ. It delivers good quality and playability and is very affordable, which is why it's fast becoming the most popular electric/acoustic mandolin in its price range.
     Personally, I think the Godin A8 is superior to its main competitors, the Ovation and the Crafter, for both tone and playability. Here are some hands-on reviews from me and two other players whose work I highly respect. None of us is getting paid to endorse the A8 (although if LaSiDo wants to work out a deal, I'm all ears), but surely there's no harm in letting you know what we think.