Michael Ferreira
dwells in California's Bay Area. He built these twin 5-strings based on the Vox Phantom guitar. They each have a 14.5" scale, dual-action adjustable truss rods, radiused rosewood fingerboards and mostly Moongazer hardware. The white instrument sports DiMarzio pickups (DP186 and 188) with a coil tap (for a single-coil effect) as well as a three-position switch. It has a beech body with a parchment nitrocellulose finish, maple neck, tortoise plastic pickguard, and 19 frets. The body is string-through.
     The red mandolin has a mahogany body and neck with a Bill Lawrence humbucker wired for coil-splitting and dual modes. It has a black/white/black pickguard and 18 frets, with strings terminating at the bridge. Its nitro finish is based on the classic Gibson SG cherry.
     Check out Mike's photos of the entire build process.