Century catalog listing


1940s  Epiphone

1950s blond Zephyr
1964 EM66E

1966 Venetian
Epiphone is now a brand name used by Gibson for imported mandolins and guitars, but it was once an independent American company, founded by the Stathopoulos family. Epiphone e-mandos have been sold on and off for the past 60-plus years. The earliest such instrument was the "Century"; I don't have an exact date, but it looks to be late '30s or early '40s. The blond instrument depicted appears to be from a few years later. The "Zephyr" was sold during the 1950s.
     In the mid-1960s Epiphone offered the "Venetian," an A-style mandolin with a P-90-style pickup, similar to the Gibson EM150. More recent Epiphone e-mandos are the MandoBird, which appears to be just the thing for your electric blues band—it comes in both 4-string and 8-string versions in traditional sunburst or custom finishes; the MM-30 A-style; and the MM-50 F-style. The latter two are available with factory-installed Shadow piezo pickups.

1951 Zephyr

MandoBirds galore


Epiphone Mandobird
Gold flake MandoBird
Red MandoBird