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If you want to try your hand at constructing an electric mandolin, here are some resources:
bullet Click the above left image for a simple printable set of plans from the Musical Instrument Makers' Forum.
bullet Or click the above right image for a set of Mandocaster plans you can buy from Guitar Plans Unlimited.
bullet Here's a detailed guide for building an octave mandolin from a mini-guitar kit, courtesy of Randy Cordle.
bullet Rob Dick has a great step-by-step Web site detailing his first foray into luthiery.
bullet Perry Novak offers a couple of instructional videos on YouTube, showing how he built an electric mandolin.
bullet Luthier sells an electric mandolin kit, with several options available, at Moongazer Music. It's sort of a workingman's version of his custom e-mandos.
bullet You might be able to order a 4-string e-mando kit from the International Violin Company (below)—if they're in stock. The electronics are pre-installed—no soldering necessary! This kit is designed by Ken Wise for Saga Instruments. The components are similar to what you'll find on the Kentucky KM-300E.

Tom Morici

International Violin Company kit
International Violin Co.