5-String Sets

Good news for 5-string players: Your search for strings is over! Emando is now the only place in the universe where you can buy a set of five electric mandolin strings for CGDAE tuning. (If you want an 8-string set, guess what—I sell those, too.) Here are the details:

String Normal
C (5th) .050 .048 .044   The A and E strings are plain steel; the C, G, and D strings are roundwound with nickel steel. Sets are available with either loop-end or ball-end strings. You will automatically get ball-end strings unless you specify loop-end. Also be sure to specify the gauge you want.
G (4th) .040 .038 .034
D (3rd) .026 .024 .022
A (2nd) .015 .014 .013
E (1st) .011 .010 .009
PRICE: $5 a set, plus shipping.   PAYMENT: To buy 5-string sets using PayPal, simply make your selection below:
Overseas shipping: If you live outside the United States or Canada, please click the "Ship overseas" button to add $3.50 to the shipping fee.

To pay the old-fashioned way, use the shipping rates at the left and send a check or money order payable to

Martin Stillion
8027 242nd St SW
Edmonds, WA 98026

Domestic shipping via U.S. mail  
1–3 sets $2.50  
4–6 sets $3.50  
7–12 sets $4.00  
13–15 sets $5.00  
16+ sets $5.50  
(if you want to order more, let me know)

If you want to calculate the string tension you'll get when you put these strings on your mandolin, use this handy calculation tool. Along with your payment, please include your name, address (P.O. boxes OK), and e-mail address, and specify loop-end or ball-end. If you're ordering from overseas, please first so I can figure out the shipping rate.