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I use a two-pronged rating system: Each disc gets an overall rating (1–5 mandolins) that depends on how much I liked it, as well as an "Emando content" rating for the amount of electric mandolin playing it features—from minimal presence to complete saturation.

Michael Lampert
Carbon Leaf: Echo Echo
Bruce Harvie
Mandolin Graffiti

The Suspenders
Suspended Alive at the Spider

Crazy Rhythm

John Kruth

The Cherry Electric

Maestro Alex Gregory

12 Jokes for Heavy Metal Mandolin

Maestro Alex Gregory's Penta Orchestra
Another Millennium?

Carbon Leaf: Echo Echo
Carbon Leaf

Echo Echo

Don Julin & Ron Getz

Mr. Natural


Richard Congress
Blues Mandolin Man: The Life and Music of Yank Rachell
Mori Stylez: Rules for Rotation
Mori Stylez

Rules for Rotation
Jazz Mandolin Project: Jungle Tango
The Jazz Mandolin Project
Jungle Tango
Mori Stylez: Rules for Rotation Mori Stylez: Rules for Rotation
Andrew Hendryx

13th Street Repose and Still Life with Mandolin & Guitar