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G110 R100 CT110 A-Plus Deluxe E110 G5 Jethro
Pete Langdell (Rigel)
Rigel has become one of the most respected names in the mandolin world in a few short years. The radical design, ease of playing, and novel construction techniques of these instruments have caught the attention of several prominent players: bluegrass greats Jimmy Gaudreau and Lou Reid; jazz/swing maven Paul Glasse; Leftover Salmon's Drew Emmitt; and young lion Chris Thile. The acoustic/electric G110, CT110, R100,
G5, Jethro, and A-Plus Deluxe have a very aggressive, versatile acoustic sound, and each includes an onboard custom transducer. The electric-only E110, available only by special order, is semi-hollow and features a kickin' magnetic EMG pickup.
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