Andy Manson
English custom builder of all things stringed, a/k/a Manson Bros. or A. B. Manson. On the left, a solidbody electric octave mandolin (the Brits would call it a mandola), formerly owned by Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson and currently belonging to John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin (who also owns some wild triple-necked Manson axes). In the center, a doubleneck mandolin/octave mandolin belonging to Lief Sorbye of Tempest, who seems to have a predilection for such instruments. On the right, a solidbody mandolin about whose provenance I haven't a clue.
     If you're intrigued by Mr. Manson's work (I certainly am), check out his  Web site, or try the following contact information:

A. B. Manson & Co.
Easterbrook, Hittisliegh
Exeter EX6 6LR
Fax: (01647) 24140