1966 Venetian
Epiphone Mandobird


MandoBirds galore
Epiphone is now a brand name used by the Gibson Company for imported mandolins and guitars, but it was once an independent American company, founded by the Stathopoulos family. Electric mandolins have been sold under the Epiphone name on and off for the past 50 years. At the top far left is an Epiphone "Venetian" A-style mandolin with a P-90-style pickup, made in 1966. Currently available Epiphone mandolins are the new MandoBird, which appears to be just the thing for your electric blues band—it comes in both 4-string and 8-string versions in traditional sunburst or custom finishes; the MM-30 (A-style, above); and the MM-50 (F-style, bottom left), which are available with factory-installed Shadow piezo pickups.


1964 EM66E

 MandoBird-GF-lg.jpg (93401 bytes)
Gold flake Mandobird
 MandoBird-RE-lg.jpg (42225 bytes)
Red Mandobird